Where to begin with cabs?

The reason for starting this blog was due to my indecision around guitar cabs and amplifiers.
I am of the opinion that a separate head and cab is the best solution as this leaves me with options for changing the amp head in the future or allows me to own more than one head at some time.

With limited space, wanting to be sensible with funds but also get something a little different. I am bogged down by options.
Do I go 1×12 or 2×10?
My original idea was to get a custom built 2×8. My reasons being that this would give a good spread of sound but would not massively increase both actual and perceived volume. For those interested the whole 1w @ 1m and so many decibel’s thing is quite mind boggling and links to efficiency of speakers which is a post for another day.

So where do I sit at the moment?

The 2×8 is out of the window, however cool an idea this sounded there is limited choice for speakers. Plus if I follow through I’m very much stuck with it because how many people do you see on forums saying “You know what I really need. A 2×8 cabinet.”
A 1×12 is standard for guitar cabs and you get plenty of choice for speakers because of this.
A 2×10 will be a similar size but my concern is how much increased volume this will put out. The plus points are that you can run a stereo set up through two speakers and get different impedance with different wiring configurations.

My brain is a bit frazzled by all this choice and some of this is just the cabinet, which comes with more options.
Then of course there are speakers.

My next post will look more at speakers.

Bye for now.


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