Old school but modern? Don’t count on it.

Finished Sommer tweed style cable with Neutrik jack sockets

Cables, connectors and sound

A few weeks ago I decided to make my own cables.

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I scoured the web and decided to buy some Sommer Cable along with Neutrik NP2X jack plugs and some silver solder.
I will be very honest I picked the cable because I’d read Sommer were good and I wanted a tweed affect covered cable.

Having very little in the way of experience I grabbed a soldering iron, so old it says made in England on it, a bit of solder, some old 2 core and earth and went to town for a few hours.

Two core and earth first try at soldering.
Two core and earth first try at soldering.

This was my first try and I was reasonably pleased considering I hadn’t used a soldering iron in twenty years, my prowess improved until I was comfortable enough to try the actual cable building.


The final finished cable looks right and works.
Along the way I discovered that the solder did not really want to stick to the jack plugs when tinning and while the tweed jacket around the inner cable may look cool it frays something awful when you cut it so i used electrical tape around the ends to clean everything up.

Finally got this done. #guitar #diy #cables #tone

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Final Thoughts

First thing, this is great fun. I lost a few hours doing this and have bought some pancake style jacks to use in the future when I make patch cables out of a spare guitar cable that hasn’t been used.
The cable itself. I actually don’t like the sound, it is marketed as a vintage style cable with a warm and fat vintage sound. This is spot on to my ear with a loss of top end and volume which makes me feel it is a little muffled. A modern sounding cable with the tweed covering would be awesome.
If – what do I mean if. When I do this again, I would look at the Tricone XXL cable as I think this would have a sound I’m looking for, additionally I may consider the Van Damme cables as they come in different colours but if you want a cool old school tweed covering with a modern sound don’t count on it.


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